Explain (describe in detail) what Top-down processes are and how they function in stereotypes, prejudice, and/or discrimination.

Submit a detailed outline on how you propose to approach answering this question as a signature paper. You also need to turn in reference list.

Each page should be filled with writing.

Cognitive Psychology Question-Based Paper Topics
Please select/choose ONE question below and write a final/signature paper while adhering to the formatting instructions at the end of this document.
1) Select two founders of i??cognitive psychologyi?? (e.g. George Miller), write about their lasting and important contributions (one from each), and compare and contrast how these two psychologists theorized and empirically approached their scientific interests and questions (describe in detail).
2) Explain (describe in detail) what cognitive priming is and its role (function) on learning in general and in academic performance specifically.
3) Explain (describe in detail) Alan Baddeleyi??s Working Memory model and how it supersedes and improves upon the original idea of Short-Term memory.
4) Explain (describe in detail) what Top-down processes are and how they function in stereotypes, prejudice, and/or discrimination.
5) Explain (describe in detail) how evolutionary science does/can inform cognitive psychology theorizing, research, and application.
6) Explain (describe in detail) what mental sets are and specifically, functional fixedness. In this context explain what divergent thinking is, and finally synthesize all three concepts/ideas.

Paper Format
Length: 7 pages (minimum) of actual content (excluding title, abstract, references, illustrations/tables, and appendices). For example, a minimum of 7 content pages will also include one title page, one abstract page and a reference page for a total of 10 pages
Font & Font Size: Arial, Times New Roman, Bookman Old Style or Courier New (size 12 or less)
Line Spacing: 1.5 or less
Margins: 1i?? all around
Paragraphs: Add space after paragraph–one returni??spacei??between paragraphs
Quotes: No quotes (paraphrase)
Citations and References: 10 references from psychologically credible/academic sources, cited as per APA formatting guidelines
Figures & Tables: Photos, figures, tables or any other additional materials are to be placed in appendices at the end of the paper and in the content pages briefly announced as Figure 1, see Appendix 1/A
General Format: Title page, abstract page, introduction to the topic, elaboration of the topic with relevant examples, conclusion, reference page.
Paper Voice
Use a neutral or professional i??voice,i?? avoiding the use of the pronoun i??I.i??
Be fair and balanced in your treatment of information.
Refrain from personal opinions.
Refrain from ideological positions.
Report accurately without judgment.