Explain how each of the following can be a source of new laws; a party manifesto, the Queen s Speech, the Law Commission and a social situation.

Part A: Marking Scheme

Marks Available

Total Marks 75

1. Knowledge and understanding of how each of the following can influence the lawmaking process 60 in total consisting of:

a. a party manifesto 15

b. the Queen s Speech 15

c. the Law Commission 15

d. a social situation 15

Some sources in respect of PART A of the first assignment

Unlocking The English Legal System R Huxley-Binns & J Martin : pp.31-5 on the Law Commission (1 copy on short loan)

Introduction to the English Legal System M Partington : p. 41  Queen s Speech

Sourcebook on the English Legal System G Slapper & D Kelly : p.133  Law Commission (1 copy on short loan)

Smith & Bailey on the Modern English Legal System S H Bailey et al : pp.27-30  Law Commission (2 copies on short loan)

Understanding Statutes V Crabbe pp.1-5

Legislation D Miers & A Page (1991) partic chs 1-4; pp.19-20 on party manifestoes

The Law Making Process M Zander : The consultative process, including the Law Commission pp.461-70 (4 copies on short loan)

Parliament in British Politics P Norton : ch.4 partic. pp.64-7

Law and Society S Vago : pp.160-2 & 170-6 on factors that influence the Parliamentary law making process (see also chapter 7) (3 copies on short loan)

Essentials of the English Legal System J Wheeler : pp.69-70  role of the manifesto and the role of pressure groups

uk Law Commission s website