Famous artists (painters, sculptors, musicians, architects) from the same historical period who use the same style.

In this course, you will complete a research paper of approximately 750 to 900 words. There are two choices of topic for your Research Paper:

Topic #2: Using information from books or the Internet, a?interviewa? two famous artists (painters, sculptors, musicians, architects) from the same historical period who use the same style.

sculptors, musicians, architects) from the same historical period who use the same style. 750-900 words.

For example, you could interview painters Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo from the Renaissance period; or Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning from the New York Abstract Expressionist period; or Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein from the Pop Art period; or Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier from the Modern period of architecture; or Debussy and Stravinsky from early twentieth-century music.

i · Using your imagination, make a list of four or five questions to ask your artists. For example, you could AskLeonardo and Michelangelo, who were contemporaries, what they thought of each otheras work (you will find out they were very competitive with each other). Or you could tell Leonardo that someone once stole the

Mona Lisa and took it back to Italy, and ask him what he thinks of that. Or ask Andy Warhol what made him start painting pictures of Campbellas Soup cans and Roy Lichtenstein why he painted comic book art.

aYou will have to read some biographical material about your artists. However, DO NOT turn your paper into telling your artistas life story. This paper is not about the artistsa biographies! It is an inquiry into their methods and opinions.

Use the biographies as background for questions to ask the artists. For example, you could ask Leonardo why his Mona Lisa is smiling (no one really knows the answer, but you can research what some critics think and speculate).

i · Use at least THREE or more sources, using MLA style to credit your sources and listing them at the end of your paper under the title, Works Cited.

i · The idea of this topic is to give you a chance to get to know two famous artists in more depth. Read about your artists, then devise your questions and answer them on the basis of your research.

i · Please note: you will need to submit your questions to your instructor for approval before you write your paper.


The paper should be double-spaced, with margins equaling one inch. A title page is not required. Give your paper a title at the top of your first page, and put your name and the date in the upper left-hand corner.

i · In your first paragraph, introduce your topic, tell what you are writing about, what museum or exhibit you visited (if doing Topic #1), or summarize the reason you chose the two artists you are writing about.

If you are writing your paper about interviewing the artists, use your questions to organize the paper after the first paragraph. Give the question, then underneath it, give the answers (you can use quotation marks around the answers, as if the artists were actually talking).

Proofread your paper for misspellings, grammatical errors, and missing or incorrectly labeled citations. Avoid using slang and informal expressions.

When you use quotations, be sure to use quotation marks and tell who is speaking or give a source citation. Indent and single-space long quotations (usually for five typewritten lines).