Film adaptation)should be named in accordance with the thesis statement

This is the research paper based on the non-fiction article which was adapted into a /
br /
The article source-
The film-
In the proposal the underlined sentences is a potential thesis that I want to be used in the /
The first 4 pages of the paper should include at least 5 properly cited quotes, the rest should contain as many quotes as /
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The method used in the paper should be the following:br /
1.Introductionbr /
a. briefly introduce significance of subject matterbr /
-first comparative pointbr /
-second comparative pointbr /
-third comparative pointbr /
b. thesis statement br /
The comparative points are included in my potential thesis, which are starting to talk openly to a priest about intimate things, making a sex surrogate fall in love with him, and finally finding a life partner. These are 3 things that make the film differ from the original /
You can leave these 3 evidences in the thesis statement, or you can incorporate them somehow into the paper in the introduction before the thesis /
br /
2.brief explanation of work 1.(article)br /
3.brief explanation of work 2 (film)br /
4. first comparative pointbr /
a-relationship of point to work 1br /
b-relationship of point to work 2br /
5. second comparative pointbr /
(same structure)br /
6. third comparative pointbr /
(same structure)br /
7.conclusionbr /
a-restate thesisbr /
b-summarize how you proved your argumentbr /
c-shed new light on thesis