Finance) write a detailed summary and critique

Course Description: This course covers a broad array of financial markets and institutions that make
up our global financial system. Although many of the major markets will be covered throughout the
course, in particular commercial banking will be examined closely in this course. Also closely studied
in this course will be the determinant of interest rates, interest rate structure, and the analysis of
Federal Reserve policies.

The Assignment is to write a detailed summary and critique (5-6 pages double space) on two issues that have been discussed in much detail over the past few years, which are mortgage-backed securities and the credit default swaps. You will need to find at least 10 articles on the above-mentioned issues to help form your argument.

-The first 2-3 pages should be used to explain exactly what mortgage backed securities (MBS) and credit default swaps (CDS) are and provide a summary of the 10 articles you found on the two topics. The remainder of the paper is to critique the articles and compare it to items we have gone over in class. Also build an opinion of how MBS and CDS will impact banks as well as the overall economy. You must attach a reference page including all sources used in the paper.

The better and more articles you choose the better your grade will be.

-Dont waste my time with an extremely poor effort. Also, make sure to proof read your work and do not turn in your first or second draft.