Financial impact on universal healthcare in the U.S.

This paper is on the financial impact on universal healthcare in the U.S.

Project Two: Writing for a Professional or Workplace Audience
Probably the most common writing you will do is writing directed toward other professionals in your field, or within your place of work. This kind of writing includes the very informal, such as email and Twitter updates, to the very formal, policy statements, legal documents, procedure protocols. I hope the discussions and readings have been adding to this list. In addition to the many genres encountered in the workplace, there are also different audiences: bosses, subordinates, peers, business-to-business associates, people in other departments. The aim of this unit, then, is to get you thinking more specifically about the genres and audience you might expect to encounter, or have already encountered, in the workplace

This second assignment serves a few purposes. First, it is intended to give you practice in aiming toward a particular audience and working in a particular genre. Second, by focusing first on a professional or workplace audience, it aims to build upon the awareness and knowledge of your discipline that youave been working on thus far this semester. Third, it also allows for a few early steps in your research for the semester (remember, Iad rather you think of this as a topic youare investigating for a while rather than as one a?researcha? paper). So you might use this assignment to take issue with a particular article or book you read (in a letter or review) or you might plan out where you intend to go with your research (a proposal) or you might begin compiling research (report). You arenat expected to be an a?experta? on the topic yet, though you should have begun to do the research.

For this assignment, you are aiming to write to others in your discipline and/or professionals in a workplace setting: What about your issue might interest them? What might they already know? What might they not yet know? What particular conflicts might you encounter? For what purpose do they need your writing? These are not questions I expect each of you to answer directly in your papersa theyare just meant to get you thinking.

Choose from one of the genres below.
a? Newsletter: Most organizations have some sort of newsletter, often directed at those who work in that setting. For this assignment, you might write an update on a procedure or a profile or place or technology on someone you think people at your workplace should know about.
a? Report: Reports are also used in various professions as a way of informing other professionals about a particular issue. Their aim usually, though not always, is to be as objective as possible, though they may also aim to persuade by informing people of a situation.
a? PowerPoint or Prezi Presentation: Put together some sort of informative or instructional presentation directed at others in your workplace.
a? Protocol or Guidelines or Policy Statement: Current events and advances in technology and knowledge often force institutions to reconsider policies or guidelines or protocols for either existing procedures or new ones. For this assignment, you might revise an existing protocol or set of guidelines or policy statement or create a new one.
a? Letter: You might write or answer a professional letter.

all projects will also include the following document:

Context Memo:A Design your genre as efficiently and concisely as possible then write a context memo to accompany that document. Your audience is the class, the English Department, and me. In this memo, you will discuss the decisions you made in designing the document, including who your audience is, what their needs are, and why your document best suits those needs. You should also include where you think readers would encounter this document: in an office, through the mail, email, in a magazine or newspaper (if so, you must name which magazine or newspaper), website (what sort of terms and situations might one come across the document?). See the models in Blackboard for format.

a? Aims toward appropriate workplace audience.
a? Follows appropriate genre.
a? Provides sufficient background/research.
a? Follows clear structure.
a? Is sufficiently developed.
a? Contains few mechanical errors.
a? If applicable uses images in engaging manner.
a? Includes sufficient context memo.
a? Includes engaged reflection letter.