Financial management of financial institution


Im intending to send a proposal paper for a university advisor to accept me as a phd student on finance major under the topic ( financial management of financial institution ). So please I need your help in that and the writing to be in a perfect condition. The following conditions are required to be in the prposal paper

The research proposal is used by the School to determine whether it is possible to provide adequate supervision and resources to support your research. If you are accepted into the program, the topic may be reviewed or refined during the course of your enrolment. The proposal is also used to assess your capacity to undertake research. It should demonstrate:

Clear aims and objectives
Some consideration of method
A good command of the English language
That you are capable of independent and critical thinking

Your research proposal should be 3-7 pages in length and include:

A discussion of the issues you would like to explore (why it is important and interesting)
The background literature supporting your project
An explanation of the way your project would significantly add to the understanding of the topic
A bibliography of your background

My background is as follows

-my bachelor degree was in ( English literature) with a GPA of 4
Im currently doing my masters degree in master of commerce ( banking & finance)

any other required information , contact me.