Financial reporting and management accounting

A report format is preferred to an essay.
The objective of this paper is ti tackle one classical, very popular case which takes place internationally and it is a part of the business and financial strategy of different kind of large enterprises. this project will entail a detailed discussion and financial/accounting application on the proposed alternative strategies and the data derived by the financial statements. You must write using published financial data (published balance sheets, income statements, statements of retained earnings, cash flow statements, executive reports and summaries). So, as an example, the paper can be as a replay to the chairmans memorandum as if we receive a report from the strategic consultancy we have employed lately, advising us towards the employment of a combination of redundancy and/or an early retirement schemes regarding the number of staff which is considered as being excessive. Explain, giving a practical example, regarding their accounting and financial implications, clarify what the current posiyion is on this matter with regard to the costs as well as the financial reporting of the company. Use the second edition of Accounting by Michael Jones published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd, The Atrium, Southern Gate, Chichester, England. For this paper you must rely, exclusively, on academic, peer reviewed, journals.