Financial resources : tesco and sainsbury (note:these 2 companies my choosen companies for the assignment)b


1-annual report and stakeholders,description of six main sections.statement for which stakeholder each section is for illustrate answer with example from annual report.(avaiable mark 15)

2-how informative is The Operating and financial Review(OFC)statement(available mark 10)

3-performance review using accounting ratios(maximum 10 ratios)
(available mark 20)

4-compare and contrast performance of each chosen company.(available mark 25)

5-explain differences in corporate reports(available mark 10)

6-estalish whether or not the report meets the information needs of stakeholder both in terms of stewardship and assistance in the prediction of future cah flow.(available mark 15)

7-presentation & communication and use of formula,excel,word lenght,bibliography.(available mark 5)

total marks:100