Financial Strategic Planning in a Medical Group

To assess your ability to
i?? Interpret financial information.
i?? Extrapolate effective strategic management practices from a simulation exercise.

The purpose of this exercise is to consider the factors medical groups must consider when a managed care contract is essentially provided to them on a Take it or leave itbasis without realistic opportunities to negotiate.

Case Study -Financial Strategic Planning in a Medical Group

A leading managed care organization contract arrives on the desk of the president of a large multi-specialty medical group practice with a three-week deadline to return it signed.

Action Items
1. Read the case carefully.
2. Respond to the following question:
i?? What are the factors the medical group needs to consider when making a decision to accept or reject the managed care contract? Support your reasoning.
3. Include your answers to the above question in a 2-3 page paper.
4. Your paper must follow APA guidelines, and include:
i?? Cover page (with your name, course, section, date submitted, and your professors name)
i?? Reference page
Introductory paragraph