You are an independent business consultant and one of your clients is considering making an
investment in the shares of The Co-operative Bank plc. Your client is unfamiliar with the term
a?impairmenta which features frequently in the Interim Financial Report for 2014 for the bank; a
document that can be accessed at financialresults.
Your client asks you for advice.
Prepare a professional report for your client which examines the significance of the a?impairmenta
concept for the financial performance and position of The Co-operative Bank plc. Your report
should pay particular attention to:
(a) The amounts reported for impairment and the relative impact on the statements of
comprehensive income and financial position;
(b) The causes of impairment at the bank for the six month period ending 30 June 2014. This
should also be evaluated in respect of the prior year; and
(c) Managementsa assessment of the significance and impact of impairment on the current and
future performance of The Co-operative Bank plc.