Find an example of one of the four errors people make when thinking about statistics in a current news story (within the last 6 )months

these are all the requirements that i have been given:
Critical Thinking About Statistics
1. Read the attached examples about the four types of errors people make in thinking about statistics and their presentation.
2. Find an example of one of these errors in a current news story (within the last six months). The story may be in a print source or online but you must provide me a copy of the original story along with sufficient information for me to find it myself (when and where it was published).
3. Explain how the story makes one of the errors in statistical thinking and how you would correct that error. Be sure to examine evidence of the news storyas problematic analysis of the issue, compose a proposed solution, and justify your conclusions with reference to the four errors of statistical thinking.

Grading is as follows:
1. A relevant story is selected. (10 points)
2. Proper reference information is provided such that the Instructor can locate the source as well. (10 points)
3. The correct error of statistical thinking is identified and defined. (25 points)
4. A correction is identified, aligned with the error in question, and justified. (35 points)
5. Grammar, syntax, and organization are scored according to the following guidelines: