Find one research study from one of the chapters!

please dont do Plagiarism.
please fallow the instructions:
i wil attach two chapter of m book, chose one of them and find a research study from one of the chapters and find 3 oder confidential source from online.
a? Written Assignments:
A This will be a paper of no less than 5 pages in length (not including thee cover page).
A The topic will be determined in class.A Formatting for this paper will be VERY SPECIFIC.
A All students MUST adhere to the following format parameters:
1.A Font type is to be Times New Roman
2.A Font size a 12 pt.
3.A Double spaced
4.A 1a? margins top, bottom, left, and right
5.A Running header which will include title and name of student
6.A All citations to follow APA guidelines (including a reference page at the end of the paper which is not part of the 5 pages minimum).
7.A Print your papers on one side of each page (i.e., no double sided papers)
8.A Page numbers are required (bottom center is preferred).
Your paper will be evaluated on how well you address the topic of the assignment and follow the directions.A Furthermore, this is a GE course and, as such, your quality of writing will be considered strongly, as well.A I encourage you to seek help with your writing if this is a problem for you.A Please develop your own ideas and refrain from re-writing material already stated in class.
Late papers will not be accepted expect under the most extreme situations (e.g., in a hospital [which will require a doctoras note]).A Do not email me your papers.

a? Format for the critique of research
State the research being reviewed and why.a?2. How was this research presented in the original doc (i.e., your text) and for what purpose (to reinforce or prove a particular point or idea).a?3. Review the original research (what was done and why and what were the findings and any comments about methodology).a?4. Were there problems in the original research? OR were there no problems?a?5. Did the author of the text utilize the research appropriately for the point being made in the textbook? why?a?6. Could the author have stated more due to the quality of the research discussed?a?7. Would you have done anything differently from the author or the researchers in terms of approach, design, conclusions made from the data, etc...?a?a?This will be a paper of at least 5 pages following the format particulars established in the syllabus. You can choose from any study referenced in the text that addresses a topic or point or conclusion that is of interest to you (e.g., children who are in families were both parents are present do better than those who are not, provided both parents get along well).a?a?MAKE SURE TO USE APA STYLE FOR ALL REFERENCES.

a? Hello, I have been getting a lot of wonderful ideas for the research paper, but it seems I was not clear in establishing the order of operations for the paper. Please attend to the following directions. Anything beyond will be of your own choosing, but this is the requirement for getting graded. 1. There are many studies referenced in the text book. Please select one of your own choosing. 2. Conduct a critical analysis of that study (e.g., was it used properly to make a given point? was the study worthy of reference in the arena is which it was used? etc...). An outline of this critique has already been provided in prior messages/posts. 3. In your conclusion, please express your final assessment regarding the use of the study and the value of the study for the topic at hand. 4. If there are other studies you feel would have been better for the discussion at hand, then feel free to reference them and the rational for the use of said studies. 5. Please do not reference your own family experiences as anything other than an illustration for something addressed in your review. I hope this reduces the confusion some students have experienced in this assignment.

a? a?In response to many of your questions regarding the research paper, here are some guidelines to help you as you complete the assignment (due next week thursday).a?a?1. Please show that you have read and reviewed the original study that is referenced in the textbook (give a summary of this study -goals and conclusions).a?a?2. How did the researcher/s define the variables being studied?A a?a?3. Did the researcher/s collect enough data (e.g., sample size or breadth of data) to justify making a statement about the hypothesis in the conclusions of the study?a?a?4. Did the textbook use this study appropriately in the context of the what was discussed?a?a?5. Did you find other research that counters or reinforces what was studied that could have been used, as well?a?a?Your papers will be evaluated as follows:a?a?out of 25 possible points:a?a?10 Review of the research article (comprehensive, what did it say?)a?10 critique of the research (problems and strengths of the research)a?5 Format (did you follow format directions)A 

a? a?During class today, the choice has been made to postpone the due date for your term paper to November 8, 2012. Late papers will be reduced in their grade accordingly. To clarify, you are required to provide at least three references with your paper. To make things as simple as possible, please follow the structure of: 1. What was the topic in the text 2. What was the study referenced in the text and why was it referenced 3. What did THAT referenced study actually say 4. Could that study have been better/worse and how. 5. Did other researchers have something to say about this study 6. Your conclusion re: the use of this study by the textbook author and any other opinions you may have