Fine and applied arts/art business) The influence of Regeneration on the Art world and business

Essay type: MA (Masters) in fine & applied arts/art business

Title: The influence of Regeneration on the Art world and business

Intro: A brief look into Regeneration in the uk and the effects it has had on the art world and in turn the art business. Looking at how art can regenerate run down areas and have a positive economical impact and in turn the influence this has on the art business, ( all backed up wit evidence, quotes, dates, references, ect).

Main Body: Look into the relationship between regeneration and the art world and the influences and effects it has on the art business, how these relationships correlate and conduct with each other and the outside world. Show evidence past events that may have influence and figures that have a big role to part in these areas ( Sarchi, counsels, artists, gallery owners large and small names and dates). How galleries did before and after regeneration ( areas such as cork street, Margate, Chealse, liverpool, brighton, ect) and how regeneration helped the art business in these areas ( show proofs). Look at the pink pound and what part it had to play in regeneration in art areas and if the money helps more than just the art business. Comment on Relational Aesthetics by Nicolas Bourriaud and how his views help the artists and art world/business use regeneration. Show main artists from these areas discussed that have benefited. Construct a discussion for the pros and cons of the title and the past and modern approaches to regeneration through art, use authors and figuers with different views to show the differences. Tie all together and show the main influences that regeneration has on the art business. ( use appropriate, Dates, Authors, Quotes, References, Names, Ect)

Conclusion: Conclude in favour of Art for regeneration and vice verser and show the effects that it has on the art business and how all the factors play of each other and work together. Discuss the areas that it has worked in and how ( Liverpool, London. Brighton, Margate, Ect). Show the influence it has on the art business and other economical benefits it has on the wider population. Look at what the future holds for this and tie all together with authors/artists views and quotes. ( use all correct and relevant, Quotes, Authors, References, Dates, Names, Ect)