Fine & Applied art/art business) Old and modern Poetry

Essay Type: Masters MA fine & applied arts

There will need to be at least 10 sources.

Title: Old and Modern Poetry

Intro: A quick look into the history of poetry and how it has expanded over time. (with relevant References)

Main body: look at William Blake his history and main body of poetry work. Alice Walker and her history and work, Pablo Neruda and his history and work, Tupac Shakur poems, and any more poets that are appropriate. Make contrasts between them and there times and works. Look at the difference in styles and times. show how poetry has evolved into music and other aspects of life, and make reference to the Peckham Poetry Club and The Peckham and rhyme proetyline UK and there work. Link all together and show a contrast between old and modern were both styles can still be used. Add any more impotent figures that have had an influence on poetry over the last century. Build up to a debate between old and new poetry were both sides are spoken for with different authors and show how no matter what kind of poetry it is, its about Poetry being an art form and show how it can be a form of emotion and link everything together with the correct Dates, Quotes, Authors, Poets, References, Ect.

Conclusion: Structure a solid contarst between old and modern poetry but at the same time show that there could not be one with out the other. Reference the main people that have played a role in the art form and also reference some of there works. Look at all the modern evidence and based on this proof look at what the future could hold for poetry and poets. Tie all together. ( Use the correct and relevant Dates, Quotes, Authors, Poets, References, Ect. all the way throw).