Finish the section1&3 of the Assessment with each section got 2000 words

Section 1: Literature Review
You are to review (not list) the contemporary literature on one topic covered in the module as part of this assessment. You are required to research and explore further this one topic that will be discussed in the lecture programme (see the a?module contenta). It is expected that you critically analyse and evaluate this topic and make sound arguments why the theories, models or concepts you have identified are effective or otherwise. It is suggested that you should compare and contrast the different views of authors in your chosen topic. This review of the literature should be a maximum of 2,000 words. This element of the assessment can be started immediately. For information a a?recruitmenta and a?selectiona are two different topics a if you are going to use a?recruitmenta as one of your topics, you cannot use a?selectiona, and vice versa.

The topic areas available are:
Implications of management

Section 3: Working as a group member
Over the duration of the module, you will be working as an active group member, working in your self-formed groups. For this section of the portfolio, you are to include a?howa you worked in the group a you may want to reflect on the skills you have developed further, or how you have developed as an individual a this is not pure description of what you did, it is about you, and how you have developed. You should undertake additional research to underpin and justify your views.

Reflection is really about helping you to gain the maximum benefit from a situation. If, however you do not take time to consciously consider how you are adapting to any new situation, what it requires of you and how you have developed personally through the different situations then you may not be able to make the most of your time.

a?Consciouslya has been highlighted in the paragraph above as many of you will say that you do not reflect on what has happened to you but this tends to happen in an unconscious way. By taking a more systematic approach you will be able to make more active and aware of decisions about what you have learned, whether it is in your academic or personal lives. Conscious reflection will enable you to evaluate ideas and make choices about what you might do in different situations. In many ways, reflection helps you to take control of what is happening. This reflection should be a maximum limit of 2,000 words.

It is suggested that students create a weekly diary of the a?processesa you have used to complete a a?taska. This will not be assessed, but will be used by you to help you to remember the specific processes that you have used, possibly many weeks after the event.