First 3 page of the script for time travel story

Hi there,

Heres the first three page of the script(for total of 10 pages) which you have been worked on last time.
It is about the time travel -The Closet

I have placed this assignment in 4 days urgency, however, the script is considered differet from regular essays. The length of a ten page script is mostly like a 7-8 page regular essay.
So I would be really appreciate that you can submit this first 3 pages in the next 72 hours.(which i need to turn in my first two pages on this friday)

I will attach the academic format guidline for script writting
Please follow the story line which we have discussed last time.

Please let me know if you need additional information

Thanks !

Added on 17.02.2015 13:00
Here are the three guidlines for screen writting, please follow the format under screenplay format strictly.

Also, please make the opening hook, characters introduction, background explainations short and brief. Since there are only ten pages for the entire movie so please make all background clarification, introduction finish in the first page

Let me know if you need any information

Thanks a lot