Fixing the immigration system (international student and tourism)

Annotated Bibliography Assignment Criteria

Annotated Bibliography Assignment

This final draft should have 10-12 complete annotations.

The entire text needs to be in MLA or APA format. You are free to use either MLA or APA. Be sure to remain consistent throughout.

The cover page (in MLA) or Abstract (in APA) will be a statement of significancea your annotated bibliography should have a cover page/abstract that briefly describes your issue, explains why your issue is important, proves to readers that they should be interested in your issue, and tells readers why you are interested in this issue. It should be at around 200-250 words.

This cover page/abstract should also discuss the main subtopics your research encompassesa the main thrusts of research represented in this bibliography.

Complete a minimum of 10 annotations based on the criteria below.

Each annotation should be at least 150-200 words but be constrained to one page.

Each page should begin with your citation followed by your annotation. All citations need to be in a consistent format.

Annotations should be organized alphabetically.

Annotations will consist primarily of a summary of the source, but it should also include an evaluative statement, as well as a reflection on the value of the source in terms of how it addresses your overall quest to answer your research question(s).

Sources must represent multiple viewpoints on this issue, i.e. the opposing view from your stance.

All sources must be evaluated for credibility. Limit the number of mass-media sources represented.

No more than three articles can come from any single source (e.g., no more than three articles from the same edited collection or from the same author can be used).

No more than three of your sources can be Internet-only sources.

Be sure to use ethical summarizing techniques to avoid plagiarism.

Use an academic tonea your bibliography should remain unbiased. Avoid the first person.

The final version should be fully edited for grammatical, mechanical, and stylistic accuracy.

I Need just 8 not 10. 8 annotations 150 to 200 words

Fixing the immigration system (international student and tourism)

My research is about fixing the immigration system. I want to mentions the benefits of getting more international students to the USA, and how the economy benefits from them. I want statistics on the number of students in the USA, and how much they spend in the economy.
As you know everything have been change after 9-11 so I want to mentions that also.

The tourism. After the 9-11 the gov changes the Visa system and make difficult to some countries.
So I want to talk about that. What I think is the USA should be welcome these people and get more. The USA has the elements of tourism. The security in the airport now is different than the past, so I think that is so good on this time. I want to talk about the rich tourism and how the spend more money. So my idea is the USA should focus more about this people. They will pay taxes and the gov will benefit from them.