Flags of our fathers: by james bradley and ron powers

consists of a discussion of major themes, ideas and characters providing at least 4 excerpts from the work. combine ideas from the book into new sentences using your own words.

all direct quotes from the novel are noted by citing page number in parenthesis E.g. (48)(no more than 5)

consists of thoughts, responses and reaction to the book. the student reviewer reacts to the themes, the authors aims or intent, the subject of the book, how well its written and overall success or failure of the boook.

structure of the paper flows and is easily read because of smooth transitions from paragraph to paragraph. the sequence of topics is in logical order. there is a clear cut introduction, body, and conclusion.

use complete sentences and a variety of sentence types

0 spelling errors

0 format errors

this is my complete ruberic. if you finish this paper in my necessary time limit you have earned a customer for life! -mason mccollum