Fluid mechanics lab report : ( FLOW METER DEMONSTRATION APPARATUS)

fluid mechanics for chemical engineers

You will write full objective, theory, procedure and results and discussion on One experiment and objective ( FLOW METER DEMONSTRATION APPARATUS) and just the experimental data for another experiment which is (ENERGY LOSSES IN BENDS) .

The REPORT will consists of:

Title page (Project report on name of experiments; your name and IDs, your affiliation etc)

Summary page



Background and Theory

Experimental procedure

Results and Discussion


References (if any)
****the report should include full calculations as i will attach the data collected at the lab only for the flow measurements experiment
as for the other one mentioning the data is enough and i will attach the lab manual to help you do the report.

Added on 23.05.2015 06:07
and for the experiment we used only Venturi meter so no calculations for orffice meter just Venturi meter and if you have any question contact with me