Focuses on Cooperative Strategy and Corporate Governance

focuses on Cooperative Strategy and Corporate Governance which is critical to understand as a leader in todays market.
Answer the following questions (no less than 500 words):

1. Define with 4 examples good corporate strategies that proved to produce significant results for the organizations. Why did the firms opt for these strategies? Did they utilize a strategic alliance? if so why?
2. Explain how you would define a strategy to manage cooperative risks.
3. In this day and age of fraud and unethical behaviors, detail why it is important to monitor and control top-level managers decisions. Site references where governance failed in the last 20 years.
4. How is corporate governance useful in international settings? Support your points with 4 examples and references.
5. Read the case study on Yahoo and then research current corporate strategy for governance that Yahoo employs. What points stand out as being successful? Support your perspective with at least 3 examples.
6. Read the case study for Avon. How has this organization employed organization strategies to build its organization? Elaborate on its international distribution and successes. How have they revised over the years their competitive strategy?