Focusing on the relationship btw Freedom, the State and Equlity. in the Wall Street Journal.

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We will be focusing on the relationship between a?Freedom,a the a?Statea and a?Equality.a Look for articles in the Wall Street Journal that address questions of the state in relation to the economy and society with respect to ONE THEME. You can choose from four broad categories: the Environment, Trade Regulation, Taxation, or Social Benefits (i.e. health care).

For the essay, select three to five articles that address the theme you have chosen and discuss them in terms of at least TWO (but not more than three) of the theorists we have examined in class. Choose theorists who hold OPPOSING views about one or more of the core themes/issues that animate this course.



a? How has the debate been framed in the media?
a? Within which camps do the competing claims belong: Freedom, Fairness, Equality or Community?


a? What would each of the theorists you have chosen argue about the broader issues of freedom, economic and social justice, the preservation of community, etc.?
a? How would each theorist assess the particular policies under debate with respect to governance (domestic or international), the operation of power, societies and specific groups within societies, economies, etc.?

To analyze the terms of the debate, it may help to think about the following:

a? Within the area you have chosen, what is assumed to constitute economic justice? In other words, how are people arguing about the central questions: who gets what and says who?
a? What fundamental values are used as a basis for the competing claims (Equality, Freedom, Rights, Justice, etc.)?
a? How are values defined or delimited (e.g. in terms of Efficiency, Rationality, Exploitation, Prosperity, Survival, etc.)?
a? What basic premises support the arguments presented? What is left out?

Use one inch margins (top/bottom and right/left), double space the text, use a 12 point font, put page numbers on every page and put your name and section number (ONLY) on the first page in the upper right hand corner.

a? Provide concrete examples a not necessarily literal quotes a from the articles and the reading to support your argument.
a? Organize your essay in paragraphs with a clear thesis at the beginning.
a? All claims not your own must be cited, and all claims that are your own must be anchored in evidence drawn from the newspaper articles and the readings, rather than opinion, faith, belief or feeling. Use a?in-texta? parenthetical citations.
a? Make sure to staple the articles to your essay.

(material for : Aristotle, Plato, Thomas Auinas, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Smith, Bentham, J.S.Mill, Weber, Ricardo, Wollstonecraft, Polanyi)


2. And very well know (having a lot of information) about these books.
1) Social & Political Philosophy Somerville
2) Wealth of Nations Smith
3) Great Transformation Polanyi

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