Follow the attachment and answer each question in it

Overview: You will briefly answer five essay questions that require you to dissect a published
experiment by McGlone et al (attached). Your answers must be typed and double spaced.
Provide a 1A? inch margin on all sides of the page for written comments. Your paper must
absolutely not be longer than 1000 words; that is about 200 words per question. All word
processors have a word count feature. Please provide the word count of your essay (excluding
your name and other identifying information).
Due Date: February 15. Turn your paper in at the beginning of the class session. Electronic
(email attachment) submissions will not be accepted.
Essay Questions
1. McGlone and his colleagues used a 2×2 factorial design. Explain why this design was
necessitated by the research hypotheses.
2. Experimental control is a critical feature of any experiment. If we wish to know the effects
of independent variables on dependent variables we must Hold constantother variables
that would make causal inference challenging. What efforts were taken in this experiment
to achieve a high level of experimental control?
3. What efforts were made to determine if the manipulations of the two independent variables
were successful? What other strategies might have been employed to check on the quality
of the manipulations?
4. Verbal assignment of agency had a much more substantial effect than visual (imagebased)
agency assignment. Carefully examine the two images used to manipulate agency
visually (Figures 1 and 2) and speculate on why the agentic imagery did not work in this
5. Speculate on how the information gained from this study about linguistic agency could be
used in advertising.
Your answers to these five questions will be equally weighted. Evaluation is based on the
thoughtfulness of your response and the quality of your writing.