Follow the instruction in the derail to complete the biology assignment, i will also attach a image of the insturction

In this activity, you will select an invasive species to investigate. Classic examples include Australian rabbits and kudzu, but there are many other interesting examples to work with. You might visit

Research how the species was introduced, why it is such a problem, and what measures might be taken to control the species.

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer the following questions.
1. What invasive species have you selected? (1 point)

2. How was this species introduced into its current environment? (2 points)

3. Why has it been so successful in this environment? (4 points)

4. What sorts of problems is the species causing? (4 points)

5. What other species are being threatened by it? (3 points)

6. What measures are being taken to contain the species? Have they been successful? (6 points)