Follow the instructions and Answer questions

This week please answer the following questions. Dont forget to use and cite all the assigned readings in your paper (as well as an outside peer reviewed source).


How do you feel about sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, transgender, and/or gender nonconformingmicroagressions? Have you experienced any of these?
How do you feel about racial microagressions? Have you experienced a racial microagression?
Are certain microagressionseasier to deal with? Why or Why Not?
What types of Microagressions do you notice the most?
What types of Microagressions might you commit the most?
Riggle & Rostosky

Complete the sentences: A Goodman does _______. A Goodwoman does __________. A Goodwoman thinks _____________. A GoodMan thinks ________. A GoodMan feels _______. A Goodwoman feels _________.
What are the sources of these messages about what makes a Goodman or woman? Family Members? Peers? Schools? Media? Church? Institutions?
What limitations or even potential harm do these messages cause you and others?

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