Follow the instructions to write an outline for my paper



_____1. Eight references are given (General encyclopedias (including Wikipedia), dictionaries and non-scholarly sources do not count; only two Internet sources may be used for credit)

_____2. At least two, but not more than three main points (I., II., III.) are included.

_____3. Two or more sub-points (A. and B.) are included under each main point.

_____4. Section transitions are written between each of your main points.

_____5. Two or more supporting material sentences (1., 2., 3.) are included under each sub-point in the body of the speech.

_____6. Use a variety of kinds of supporting material or evidence: verbal (anecdotes, comparisons, contrasts, examples, hypothetical examples, quotations/expert opinion); statistical (rounded off numbers, averages, percentages, trends); visual (drawings, photographs, maps, objects, models, charts, graphs, video clips) Try to use types from all three kinds.


_____1. Key words are typed on the outline, including: Title, General goal, Specific goal, Introduction, Thesis statement, Order of organization, Body, Conclusion, and References

_____2. Introduction is written in outline format (I., II., and so on).

_____3. Conclusion is written in outline format (I., II., and so on).

_____4. Outline is written in complete sentences throughout.

_____5. Only one complete sentence is written for each item in the outline.

_____6. A i??proposition and/or thesis statementi?? is included and worded correctly.

_____7. An i??Order of organizationi?? is included and chosen to fit your persuasive goal.

_____8. The type of supporting material used is labeled in the left margin for each 1.,
2., 3., and so on.

_____9. Main points are complete sentences and support the thesis.

_____10. Endnote numbers are used after each supporting sentence (1., 2., 3.) to document what source it came from.

_____11. The outline is computer-printed.

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Please must follow the instructions to write an outline for this paper