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Answer 5 questions.(180 words)
1. What is the difference between the three-line blues stanza and the quatrain-refrain stanza?
Illustrate with an example of each
2.How do blues singers a?composea? their songs?
What sources do they draw on?
How important is originality?
3.What are the functions of work songs?
What do field hollers have in common with the blues?
4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of marketing blues as a roots music?
5. Why is the history of blues important?

Disscussion(70 words)
Why has the Blues remained popular for so long to a wide variety of people?

Follow the instructionsi??this is not an essayi?0

List 5 observations for each of the 5 items below (25 observations total). List you items in the Submissionsection below.
1. Lecture:

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Duration: (8:23)
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YouTube URL: George Harrison and Ravi Shankar:

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Ravi Shankar/George Harrison I am missing you (Rare Live)
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YouTube URL: Traffic in India:
I think it is interesting when studying other countries to see how many things are different. When I have traveled to other countries, one of the first things that I notice is how automobile travel is similar or different. Here is a video of traffic in India. I have had a scary cab ride in China and Bangkok. What is different about this driving culture and America driving practices? Can you make any assumptions about the culture?

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India Driving
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YouTube URL: watch?vRjrEQaG5jPM
6. What are some of the social layers of genres of Indian music?
7. What is the role of religion in South Indiaas classical music?
8. What is a raga, as a concept as well as a musical blueprint for performance?
9. Why is the relationship between srutti(drone notes) important in Carnatic Music?
In your opinion, is there a similar relationship in bagpipe music or Appalachian fiddling?
10. What are the functioning layers and relationships between musicians in South Indian classical music ensemble?
11. Discussion
Why is music important to religion?