Food advertising does not cause children obesity

Introduction: i want a statistics about obesity
the theses statement : from my perspective, i believe food ads has no contribute to children obesity.

topic sentence 1: should talk about parent responsibility

topic sentence 2: ads help to decease obesity chapter 2-2 page 78

topic sentence 3 : counterargument from chapter 2-1
if you found the outline weak plz tell me because i will give it to my teacher soon

my sources :

A book called Obesity by Scott Barbour chapter 2 ( 2 and 4 ) and chapter 3 if you found it good
also, an article responsibility of parents has been forgotten in furor over ads effect on childhood obesity by cebrzynski
i need another sources as article or journal
also i need some quote from source and paraphrase/ summarize and cite the sours
i would like you to include some mistakes and use simple word that shows Im not native.