Food advertising to Children-case of Pakistan

the topic is

Food advertising to childrenThe case of Pakistan

Analyzing contribution of food advertising to child obesity, parents understanding and perception of adverts aimed at children and legislation and restrictions concerning food advertising to children in Pakistan.”

this questin a raised in my mind because in pakistan alot of food adverts ar aimed at children and also they are using children in their adverts.but most of the countries this is not allowed.As in UK their are restriction of using or aiming food adverising to children since they cntribute to child obesity . why not in pakistan ?

These are the instructions which must be followed

Research Proposal (masters dissertation)

It should be no more than 2,500 words and must address the following issues:

􀂃Identification of a clear research question and the rationale for it (10%) Why this study should be undertaken (rationale for the study), what do you think you can achieve from the study (research objectives)
􀂃Strengths and weaknesses of the existing literature (40 50%)
􀂃Your research methodology and data analysis framework including its paradigmatic basis, structure, feasibility, ethical considerations, timescale and any constraints (40 50%)how will you approach the topic to fulfill your objectives (interviews and/or survey etc)
(every thing should be with headig so that i can get what you are discussing)

The proposal must not just describe the intended project but also defend its integrity and justify the chosen methodology.

i am in uk doing my Msc management.the above instructions are the main instructions to fllow.
what i am thinking and planning of doing this is as follows it will give you the direction in which you have to proceed but you have to do it in the best way you think so that atleast it shoud be of 2:1 standard
my thinking and direction to this topic is as fllows

” I am going to look at Global obesity problem in general, child obesity rate in different regions of world.
” Then food marketing n advertising in general (doing content analysis, effect) and their contribution to child obesity.
” Then looking for restrictions and legislations that exist internationally.
” Looking for different organizations working internationally and domestically and their role in minimizing food advertising aimed at children. E.g. National review council(NARC) established children s Advertising review Unit(CARU) as a self regulatory program, role of WHO in this regard and many more which are contributing a lot and are responsible for tackling this child obesity issue.
” Then looking whether there are any restrictions and legislations exited in Pakistan about food advertising that is aimed at the children under age 13( carefully select the age according to research).
 If yes, then what are they exactly are why they not working because a lot of food adverts are still aimed on children and advertising agencies are using children in excess in their adverts, using celebrities in their adverts and TV commercials where as in a lot of other countries it is not allowed?
 If no, why its like this, may be child obesity problem doesn t exist in Pakistan or no one has noticed that these adverts aimed at children are contributing to child obesity. Also if no domestic legislations exists then what international organizations (international legislations) are doing for this which are responsible for children s health e.g. role of WHO (world health organization) and others about this issue in Pakistan.

” Parent s perception and understanding of these adverts aimed on their children (in Pakistan). What they think do these adverts really had impact on their selection criteria and are these adverts contributing to child obesity. If yes, why they are not complaining. If they were given opportunity what they would have done about these adverts. (this would be done by survey of randomly selected parents).

(I don t know which approach will be the best to gather data from parents of child under age 130r 14(best suitable according to research). Mean either it should be, Quantitative i.e. by surveys using questionnaires (face to face), e-mail, internet and telephone or Qualitative (focus groups, in depth interviews, observations etc) or any other reasonable method? You have to mention it, so that it should be the best possible way and also so that you can justify the choice which will be the best.)
In short have to mention going for which research Primary and Secondary both or just for Primary. In Primary, Qualitative or quantitative for each then explaining how I am going to select sample, collecting data and going to analyze it.

” Finally giving the reasons why adverts in Pakistan are openly aimed at children and why not in UK(by comparing differences in legislation, obesity rates etc.

References should be atleast 20

I have alot of stuff and journals on child obesity and food advertising i will upload i.e. attach them
hope would be helpfull.