Food and society(writer can change it depends on his work)

aaaaThis is your final essay cycle. It is time to bring together all the skills we have been working on this term. Choose a topic based off of the readings for this unit. Make sure to answer a question at issue that deals with food and society. You are required to include at least one of the sources we utilized for class which means you will need to cite it in your essay. If you would like to bring in any outside sources, please check with me. If you choose to include outside sources and receive my approval, you will need to include a works cited page. Remember, a true question at issue has an answer that is debatable! Your enthymeme needs to be focused and your line of reasoning should be about your enthymeme. Use transitions! Resolve your counter-arguments! Organize your ideas! We have been doing this all term, and I know you have the ability!
aaaaThis essay cycle is worth more points of your grade. I want to see 3.1s that have been polished. Make sure to take the time to fix mechanical errors!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough. Try reading your essay starting from the end and out loud. I will not be grading your papers in the same fashion as before. Instead of making notes throughout, I will make a simple list at the end. It is up to you to utilize my endnotes and rubric point system to revise your 3.1s. We have gone through this process twice, so I expect a certain level of competency.

1500 words. This is somewhere around five pages. Anything less will not be graded. Please donat embarrass yourself by playing with the format to make your paper longer. Iave been in your position, and have done my fair share of sneakiness.
Follow a standard format. MLA or APA are the two most used in academic articles. You can find formatting guidelines in your Little Seagull Handbook or online. A great site is the a?Purdue Owl Online Writing Lab.
Follow the rubric which is attached to your syllabus. If you have lost this, please refer to Blackboard where ALL THE CLASS DOCUMENTS ARE!!!! The rubric will tell you what I will be looking for in your essay.

Things That Go in Your Essay
An Enthymeme: A reasoned thesis that follows a format.
Evidence The stuff that makes your enthymeme logically reasoned and persuasive.
Your own thoughts and experiences.
Examples from our classroom texts.
Personal Anecdotes
Rhetorical Appeals
Counter-Argument Include an opposing view to your argument, and find a way to resolve that argument.