Food Labeling regulations in the Affordable care act, USA

This assignment will give you the opportunity to integrate public health theory, experience, and evidence to develop health policies that have the potential to improve the health and well being of large communities (potentially all U.S. citizens). Ultimately, this assignment intends to prepare you to develop and advocate for good public health policy. A good paper requires interpretation of data, consideration of social and cultural determinants of health, recognition of the influence of systems on individuals and communities, and a deep understanding of the organization, financing, and delivery of health care. It also requires integration of public health goals and strategies into a health care system that is designed around acute care for individuals.


Write a 5-page proposal that meets the following criteria:

1. Must be a public health policy issue focused on enhancement of the ACA or on a gap created by the ACA or a health policy issue not currently being addressed in the last round of health care reform.

2. Describe how your policy would impact one or more of the following aspects of health reform including, but not limited to:
a) Access to care
b) Wellness and prevention
c) Improving quality of care
d) Achieving health equity, and/or reducing

3. Demonstrate an integration of the knowledge gained about the health care system and the public health system throughout the semester. Course readings and discussions should be utilized in the development of proposal theses.

4. As you can tell from all the debate, in the current health reform programs, there are very few pieces that everyone likes. You should recognize this in your papers. Arbitrary dismissal of an opposing viewpoint or inconvenient data/information will result in point deductions. Each element of your proposal should be supported by data and/or objective information, in addition to sound reasoning.

WARNING, You should be cautious about choosing an expansive topic or one that cannot be considered thoughtfully in 5 pages.

Formating: Papers must be typed and meet the following requirements:
a? 1-inch horizontal margins
a? 12-point font; Double spaced
a? Use of informal citation for resoutrces from class and standard style manual (e.g., APA is recommended, but AMA, AP are acceptable)No title page, no abstract, and a running head is not required.
a? Grammatically and syntactically correct. Correct grammar and syntax are absolutely required. I would recommend having someone proof read your paper for typos and grammar to be safe. Correct grammar and syntax are important for the any policy proposal, even down to the point of a comma.
a? Any paper not meeting these requirements will receive an automatic 10% deduction. If you are unsure whether you paper meets these requirements please ask other students or colleagues to read it. If you have any questions about the writing assignments or need more clarifications as to the criteria, please contact me.

a?Suggestions for a good paper
a? Think of yourself as the President or a Senator, as the Decider of helath care. What reform proposal enhancement will achieve your goal of improving a public health component of health care reform? Why is it needed? What effect will it have? On whom? Is it feasible? Etc. You have to be able to defend your proposal.
a? Keep your reform focused. Wide sweeping reforms would be hard to explain in only 5 pages.
a? Be concise! This is a paper that has to be Tight.You have only a few pages to make your case and the issues are complex. Read and reread your paper, looking to cut out extraneous, unsupported statements and opinions. Remember the more focused your proposal the easier it is to be concise.
a? Similarly, work to include relevant material that addresses the major issues.
a? Make sure that the transitions in the paper are logical.
a? Grammar and syntax are important. Errors will result in deductions.
a? Your data and evidence should be sound. That is, citations from experts writing for The Onion,Mother Jones,or even The Huffington Postprobably dont belong in this paper. Citations from newspapers should be kept to a minimum (say, three, at most). You mainly want to use peer-reviewed journal articles and government reports and statistics. You may informally cite resources from class (i.e. Reid p42, week three slide 10, etc), but if you use any resources outside of class, please provide the formal (APA or MLA style) citation.
a? Include a Conclusionsor similar paragraph at the end of the paper. This paragraph should not just repeat what has already been written, but demonstrate integration, strong policy analysis, and provide recommendations.
Paper Requirement and Grading Rubrics
High quality writing is expected from graduate students. Points will be deducted for spelling, grammar, and syntax errors. In addition, concise writing is an important skill to master and points will be deducted from scores for papers that exceed specified page limit. For details, please refer to the grading rubrics below.

Clarity and Readability 5 points
a? Logical organization and flow
a? Clear presentation of material/Readability
a? Concise written
a? Grammatical correctness
Soundness of material and argument 15 points
a? Major issues included
a? Well-developed thesis
a? Argument is sound and logical
a? Argument is well support

Quality of Policy Proposal 5 points
a? Clear, substantive recommendations
a? Thoroughly developed
a? Achievable
a? Relevant to public health/health policy