Food Security in Global settingSustainable food plan for Tanzania

you need to adress the following the following…you can use sub headings for each

1) What crops are currently grown in Tanzania?
2) what crops might also be grown in Tanzania?
3) How will you make this Program sustainable? You need to think about soil nutrition, pest control [weeds and animals], irrigation and moisture retention.
4)What products will be grown for consumption within Tanzania?
5)What will you do about Agricultural trade?
6) What, if any, will be the role of Genetic modified organisms (GMOS)?
7)What spinoff industries need to be considered?
8)How will you include women in this program?
9) what types of fuels will you use for agriculture, cooking and heat?
10) How important will urban gardening be?
11)What changes would you want made to the WTO Agreement on Agriculture so that the country (Tanzania) will have sufficient and sustainable agricultural program?