For Art analysis of painting plus compare-Flower Girl in Holland George Hitchock 1887

Please choose a painting located in the Art Institute of Chicago. (please use Flower Girl in Holland by George Hitchock) In order to fulfill the requirements of this assignment properly, you need to complete a double-spaced 5 page paper of text. This project aims to strengthen your skills in formal analysis of paintings. However, I still expect you to present some background information about the artwork and the artist. Any sources used for this section should to be properly cited. All papers must be typed, with one-inch margins and 12-point type.
Before you start working on this paper, you may consider reading Barnetas A Short Guide to Writing about Art (one of the required books of this class and also available at the Flaxman library), especially pages 113-134.
At a minimum, your paper should include:
a? An introduction
a? Brief information about the artist and the subject matter of the painting

a? A thorough analysis of the painting with a focus on overall composition, the size of the canvas, painting details applied and the details of the figures
a? Comparison of the painting with two examples we already discussed in class (in two separate sections) Please use Antoine Watteau,Pilgrimage to Cythera 1717 and Jean-Francois Millet, The Gleaners 1857
a? A conclusion
a? A list of sources consulted during your research on the topic (see the bibliography, located a?near the end of our textbook, for proper formatting) a 3 sources is a minimum, with 5 being average. These can include dictionary and encyclopedia entries as well as general survey texts, books on a particular architects or period, and articles specific to your topic. Use of online sources should be limited to academicallyor professionally-related web sites.