Foreign language education in china and multilingual future

The subject is in Linguistics. Here are my requirements: 1) I would like to request Writer #115567. 2) this paper is used for my application to a master program in linguistics in a British University. I need to submit some writing samples. i did not study linguistics before so i need to write a new paper. 3) here is my idea:I want to write a paper on the evolution of policy and practise of foreign language education in china. without knowing the subject deeply, here is my idea from basic search, in the past, the country started with russia, later the country push english education, i found something like maybe there is some tiime about pushing french…. i want to argue that right now, it is not good to equal globalizationn with speaking english. i believe now and in the future should be a focus on multilingual education, meaning that speaking one foreign language is not enough. while writing about the evolution history of foreign language education in china, i want to talk about different technology being employed at different time, i guess in the past is casset(or maybe there are some even older forms) and then mp3, computer, internet, now mobile phone… i want to say that technology also makes foreign language learning easier, efficient, fun and can take place anywhere and anytime so people can find information readily available and thus being multilingual nowadays is possible and even it is a trend and it is a must. i want to say multilingual is the future and it is a reality in china. many chinese think in the future if they speak english and chinese, that is enough, i want to argue it is wrong based on some researched evidence. i think i would also like to write briefly about besides technology, what else is making mulitlingual a must and a possiblities… i hope my idea is clear, basically i want to do a historical evolution analysis, and then making an assumption for the future and talking why i believe so and how it can be possible… i am not sure if this direction sounds like a research paper? i guess you get what i meant in general. i am happy to get your revised idea. as last paper, i hope to agreed upon an outline before you start writing. 4) prefer this to be british english, 5) style is harvard, 6) since i am submitting this writing sample together with the last one you work on, i prefer that you do not repeat too much the content of both paper and keep the same style. 7) world count exclude footnotes and reference. please feel free to ask me any questions.