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The organisation I will be discussing during this forum is the organisation I work for, Arriva North West and Wales. Although an operations manager, I partake in creating various implementations and training courses for the organisation. Throughout the organisation there are many different departments, each department has its own demographic needs with respects to training and development for staff members.

There is an array of considerations that need to be taken into account whilst developing the strategies for staff training and development. Although not intended to be an exhaustive list, below are various considerations that need to be discussed whilst developing these strategies.
i??Laws surrounding current operation.
i??The type of operation i.e. customer based, production line, skilled work, unskilled work.
i??The target audience the operation effects.
i??The individuals that will deliver the training.
i??Type of qualification obtainable.
i??How to entice and motivate staff towards participating on training and development.

A continual education provision is essential in every workforce as this prevents the individuals from underachieving and becoming bored with their work. It also ensures that each member of staff meets the desired levels of profession for each job. For example, within Arriva all drivers must hold a Certificate of Professional Competence as dictated by European regulation; this certificate grants the driver the right to carry passengers whilst in service. Keeping up to date with all rules and regulations ensure that the workforce is not only competent but qualified for the job. If all members of staff are continually trained and developed to be competent at their roles, this will help improve organisational performance and efficiency. i??Learning is a necessary process for achieving business objectives and essential to improving organisational performance.i?? (CIPD, 2006).

Are there any similar regulations that would prevent your organisations staff working?



for your reference the unit topic is:

What considerations should managers take into account in developing strategies for staff training and development?

How effective is the implementation of Learning and Development in your current organisation or in one that you know well?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the implementation?

How could it be improved?

The learning outcome for this discussion is:
i??Discuss the importance of the socialisation process in developing a dedicated, loyal, productive employee; and develop a process to bring it about including the essentials of employee training and management development