Formal analysis about henri matisse and his fabric collections, how these related to his paintings

Components of Section 1 formal analysis due Oct 17th

****Include picture of your object!!!!**

Paragraph #1 identity the artwork you have chosen
1-3 sentences briefly describing it, include
date made and materials
Say where it is located, what collection,

Paragraph #2 Description of the object.
Describe what you see look carefully at object.
-Description should include size of object, is it 2D or –
3D, materials used
also color, pattern?, composition, narrative?

Paragraph #3 Describe what textile processes are used
how is the piece constructed?

Paragraph #4 Short paragraph, identifying this object as part of
similar objects.
Is this object unique or is it like other objects
Did the artist make other objects like this?
if a quilt say in 1-3 sentences something about the
tradition of quilting.