Formal structured essay reflecting on your own skills

Reflect on how you have used and developed your skills and consider how you can use this to help map out areas to improve and how you plan to do this
Where appropriate, please do use theory to back up your comments and when you do this use the Harvard Referencing System
10% Presentation a how you have used the facilities in MSWord to number pages and layout the text. Does your work look suitable for a Business School? Have you submitted as instructed?
10% Introduction a Good introduction to the task. Does it set the scene for the following sections?
40% Content and Structure a Is the topic properly addressed. Does the text flow in a logical order? Have you gone into sufficient depth?
20% Conclusion a This needs to draw together your reflection on your Skills. Does this include how you have used and will use feedback to guide future activities?
20% Referencing 10% for correct use of the Harvard Referencing system both in your text and in your list of sources at the end of your work and 10% for the linking of your work to academic sources. We will be looking at how well you link your comments to theory and the range and quality of the sources you select