Fortifying National Security for the U.S.

A term project not to exceed 20 pages is required in the standard APA form. The bibliography must contain at least three articles from refereed journals with a brief explanation of how the article relates to the topic selected. Fortifying National Security should be the title of the term paper. You must review previous incidents, use recent examples, within the U.S. that show how volurnable our national security system have left the u.s., from terrorist attacks, to military issues and overall protection. you must discuss a few suggestions on what the u.s. can do to improve this, such as protection for highways, and travel systems used, also more focusing and funding in the volunerable/target states. The paper should mainly focus on the economic issues, how the national security problem currently is effecting the world ecomically and how your suggested solutions can effect these ecomonic issues. Also discuss things that the u.s. claims to currently be working on to improve the national security. Are these all good ideas/postive dicissions??why or why not? Everything is to be explained in detail as the writes will create the picture of the reader. The paper should not be written in first person. Footnotes are required when quoting or reffering to a source, no pictures and no more than 2 charts/graphes if necessary.