Forum 7 read graphic novel and answer questions

Forum Post #7:
Read graphic novel ,then In 2 paragraphs, detail one of the following discussion questions about Persepolis (see questions below). Provide at least two textual examples from the graphic novel using correct MLA in-text citations
1. War: War seems to be everywhere in Persepolis. How does Strapi represent war/what is some of the important commentary that she makes about war? The boys being given the keys and how does this connect to class (pp. 99-102)? Martyrs blood feeding society (115)? Marjias mom taping the curtains to the windows (p. 105)?

2. Public/Private: How do the characters act in the private space of the Satrapi home in ways that they would never act in the public sphere? Point us to one moment in the text that supports your exploration.

3. Western: What does the a?Westa? mean in Persepolis? Whatas so important about Western clothing in Persepolis? The Guardians of the Revolution (pp. 132-133)?

4. Patriotism & Justice: How does Marji attempt to negotiate the different ways justice and patriotism are defined to her by her family, God, and her surrounding community?

5. Ending: Why do Marjias parents want her to leave Iran? What do you make of the ending?

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