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Interesting to see how your organisation differs to that of the one I work for. The expectation that all managers should come from within the organisation can put pressure on the type of training delivered. If the training is not delivered effectively throughout the individuals time within the company, then this could create a lesser productive manager who has only taken on the role due to expectation as opposed to willingness. That being said this method can be most effective for creating the loyal, productive, retainable talent desired by the organisation, as it shows promise to all employees who are willing to go above and beyond.

If an employee feels they are able to progress prior to accepting initial employment within an organisation, then this promise can drive employees to portray traits that the organisation wants such as:
i??Hard working.
i??Positive attitude.

Employee perceptions of the organisation, mould how the operational efficiency of the organisation is. If employees have a positive perception of the business, and are willing to go that extra mile as they have trust, respect and dedication for the business, then this will have a positive impact on the operation. If employees all dislike their place of work and their managers this will be evident in the production and overall staff morale. A good Human Resource team have the ability to understand the different perspectives of employees and know that these should be taken into account when decisions are being made within the organisation with respects to training. i??The i??differencei?? perspective assumes that the key differences exist between people and that these should be taken into account when managers are making decisions.i?? (Beardwell J, Thompson A, 2014).

Would yours or others organisations prosper from an exterior intake of talent?



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In every organization, the Human Resource Managers should initiate frameworks aimed at enhancing the strategies for staff training and development through socialization (Jackson et al., 2012). Consequently, there are specific staff training and development factors that the managers should take into account so as to boost the overall performance levels. They include; the existing gaps in the organization, the strengths and the weaknesses of the staff, the needs of the various stakeholders, market demands, mission and vision of the organization. Ultimately, the considerations will allow the managers to come up with appropriate strategies that are long lasting. Thus, this will enhance efficiency and effectiveness through building the strengths and improving on the weaknesses (Jackson et al., 2012). A well-conceived performance evaluation creates benefits for both the employer and employee.

The implementation of the learning and development by the Coca-Cola Company Britain is one of the effective employee training and management developments. The company creates a conducive environment for their employees to socialize, to excel in their performance, develop skills for improvement, and enable them move towards their career goals. The strengths of the staff training and development in Coca-Cola Company are linked to their training goal that attracts the best people who can help the company achieve its objectives. The only weakness of the training strategy is the management of internal talent rather than talent search from other places. Otherwise, the training and development strategy can be improved through recruitment of new employees and providing skills training and development, employee performance, employee socialization skills, and specializations management.

Conclusively, the HR should embrace proper socialization strategies such as anticipatory socialization, adaptation, and integration of employees into the organization. These will ensure that the employees appreciate the working environment; thus develops a dedicated, loyal, and productive attitude in the organization.

for your reference the unit topic is:

What considerations should managers take into account in developing strategies for staff training and development?

How effective is the implementation of Learning and Development in your current organisation or in one that you know well?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the implementation?

How could it be improved?

The learning outcome for this discussion is:
i??Discuss the importance of the socialisation process in developing a dedicated, loyal, productive employee; and develop a process to bring it about including the essentials of employee training and management development