Foundation clinical skills for community care

my work has to be written in the first person
the introduction is 300 words it should include access to learning styles honey and mumford im a refectionist and theorist, also a bit about how the the 5 reflection pieces will be done using Gibbs model of reflection.
the 5 critical anaylsis reflection pieces are 500 words each and aboutskill set 1 patient assessment and clinical recording,(how important communication in is carrying out an assessment) skill ste 2,tissue viability,(wound care and pain management) skill set 3 continence assessment and management,( asked by patient to carry out optiflo irrigation however policy says you cant if patient is on antibiotics) skill set 4 intravenous access(since doing the study day have had no patients on iv therefore the importance of keeping up to date with knowledge and skills) and management and skill set 5 is pallative care,(good communication in pallative care).Then a 500 word piece of application to practice.discuss how the achievement of the core competences contributes to good clinical outcomes enhancement of service delivery in practice and to improving patient comfort and care in the community setting.
harvard system. i need about 5 references in each skill set of reflection