Foundations of Organisational Behaviour questions

140 HRM foundations of Organisational Behaviour

Answer the following questions:

Please use examples and relevant theory to substantiate your answers.

What is stress? Why is it important for employers to monitor and manage employee
stress levels?

How can managers adjust their management style to get the best out of employee with different personality characteristics?

How can motivation affect key areas of HR management?

How would you advise an organisation to go about introducing change in structure and working practices?

How can power be exploited within work organisations? Use relevant theory to
discuss the meaning of power, providing current examples of Formal and Informal
forms of power in your answer.

What is organisational change? Why do facilitators of organisational change face
resistance from employees? Include modern day examples in your answer.

What are the perceived differences between work groups and teams? Use relevant theory to substantiate your answer.

Some groups and teams perform better than others.why is this?