Four similar disease 1topic like COPD,LUNGS CA.ASTHMA,SMOKER.

The assignment should be 4 pages and contain a review of four research articles on the topic/researchable problem from refereed journals.

4. Prepare the review so it includes an introduction, body (a brief summary of the theory related to the topic) and a conclusion of your findings, which includes an assessment of the importance of the research to nursing practice.


1. The problem and theoretical or conceptual framework are clearly identified a

2. Summary of the four articles reviewed was clearly synthesized a

3. The relationship of the research problem to the previous research is made clear a

3. The review is organized so that a logical unfolding of ideas is apparent and
supports the need for the research

4. Conclusions of the review were clear, accurate, and inclusive of student assessment of reviewed literatureas contribution to nursing. a 1

5. The assignment was prepared according to APA guidelines -