Framing theory and Islamophobia in the western world

main idea of your literature review in the existing research you selected to assess.
USE TOPIC SENTENCE AND TRANSITIONS STATEMENT: your literature review should have coherent flow. topic sentences help focus each paragraph and topic sentences help build bridges between two ideas (or paragraph)
USE QOUTES SPARINGLY: only use a quote when what the author says cannot be rewritten in your own words. it should be meaningful and relevant.
PARAPHRASE, NOT PLAGIARIZE: dont plagiarize. you will FAIL this paper if i find that any part of your literature review is copy and pasted. when paraphrasing. it is not enough to just change one word in the sentence. rewrite in your OWN words.

1must use at least 10 peer-reviewd, scholarly articles for your literature review.
2use in-text citation AND reference list citation according to APA style guide.
3must include page numbers in upper right-hand corner.
4-time new roman 12 pt. font, doublespaced
5-must include a title page and running head
6-must include a reference page.
7-length: 1217 pages excluding references
8must be submitted electronically in microsoft word