Fraud examination and the fraud triangle

Topic-a combination of your explanation of fraud examination and the fraud triangle. You will explain this by including an introduction, discussion on the fraud triangle, but not just a text book definition, rather your thoughts about the fraud triangle and how you, as a fraud examiner, might utilize it. Explain what you believe fraud examination entails and does the fraud triangle work in conjunction with it. Discuss what the requirements are in your state( Georgia) to become a forensic accountant. Include a conclusion.
The paper is 5 pages, using APA guidelines, and you must use five (5) scholarly, peer-reviewed books, articles, or journals, no more than 5 years old. Remember, the title page, abstract, and reference pages DO NOT count in the 5 page requirement. Number your pages. Make sure that you designate your class/course number(ACG 6686 ) on all assignments