Freight forwarding new business proposal

The context of the situation is that you are proposing a new business venture. This could be a small business start-up or a joint venture. A general outline is the Business Proposal outlined on p. 33 of Business: A Changing World. Review the instructions for this assignmment. The report format and items to address are as follows:

Business description. The basic category of product/service, mission/purpose of the business, general market area (local/regional/ national/global), and basic organizational design (form of ownership and basic structure, with supporting rationale).

Competitive analysis: Analyze the industry for the type of product you select, analyze the nature of competition in the industry, the general life cycle stage of the product for the market area you want to operate in, and key success factors for operating in this industry.
Marketing concept: Description of the product/service or product line. Description of the target market (use supporting demographics), the pricing concept, the promotional positioning, and the marketing channels. Provide rationale as to how the pricing, promotional, and marketing channel concepts fit the target market.

References: Support your competitor analysis and marketing concept with at least 5 references related to your product category or the market area/conditions for your product.