Frican American cultuer in both Wild Seed by Octivia Butler and Selma Lord Selma by ” Sheyann Webb and Rachel Nelson

Answer the following questions as fully as you can. The answer should be at least three paragraphs long, more if needed to completely develop your response. Use examples from the texts to support you answer.Please MAKE ANSWER Q1 AND Q2 IN SEPARATED PAGE.

Question 1
Throughout the semester, we have examined our readings in terms of several  key concepts and organizing themes in African American history and culture. These include: creativity; resistance; family; spirituality and religion; music, rhythm and arts; social and political movements; and education/sharing knowledge. Identify two of these themes that appear in both Wild Seed by Octivia Butler and Selma Lord Selma by ” Sheyann Webb and Rachel Nelson. How are these issues addressed in both texts? What is similar and what is different about the approaches?

Question 2

Watch either  Rize or  Beyond the Steps and identify at least two of our course themes in the film. Explain how specific scenes, gestures, or comments reflect the themes you have chosen and how they are related to similar issues in other texts we have read for the class. For example, you might talk about the dancer in  Beyond the Steps (Matthew Rushing) who moves onto the stage as if in chains  moving forward a few steps, moving back and then coming forward again  and his commentary that those steps are metaphors for African American history and the history of the dance company. Or you may find gestures and comments by the dancers in  Rize related to the course themes of  creativity and  resistance. Whatever you choose, develop your argument by citing specific examples and describe the scenes of the film that support your idea?

Finally No need for work cited.