Frican American Diet Reflection Paper”

When you write a reflection paper, you are writing about a topic in the Nutrition class that caused you to have a reaction or reflection. The topic is something that made an impact on you. It could be something that raised further interest in you, caused a reaction positively or negatively in you, inspired you to want to do something about the topic, (make a change in your own nutrition or family nutrition) etc. There is no right or wrong topic, just be sure you are supporting your reflection with scholarly sources. Wikepedia is NOT a scholarly source. Instead, cite from recent text books, or medical or nursing journal articles.  I should be a center for every paragraph. Reflection topic covered in depth. 4 main points of reflection addressed

Paper length is a minimum of 3 pages and not to exceed 4 pages in content. This does not include the cover page and reference page.

See page 2 of this rubric

Please pay attention to APA format minimal requirements:
Margins, indentation of paragraphs, pagination, correct method of citing within the body of the paper, correct format for cover page and reference page.

Second part:
In 5 sentences, state why you choice this topic