Frican American Families ( related to African American Literature)

I have submitted a rough draft to my instructor and she like it. I will attach my draft so you can read it.

These are her comments:

Hello Chenita,

Chenita you presented some substantial points; however, I would like to know how you feel about this information, and what you feel could be the reason for these dramatic statistics. Your post was very thought provoking, therefore I conceived some questions as I read. Why are children the foundation to a family rather than marriage and what other cultures can this be compared to or are we only observing this in the African American communities? You also mentioned in 1998 single women headed over fifty percent of the household, most statistics find this to be true because of the high population of black males in prison; what are some other factors you believe to contribute to this high percentile and why?

These were the questions that I have always thought to myself of when and why did these issues become such a struggle to the African American family.

Good background; relate it to the African American literature and add supporting textual evidence, details, and analysis.