Frican American History (Religious Influences 1770 1831)

Since the publication of Olaudah Equianoas autobiography in 1789, African Americans have used religious texts, arguments, and institutions to advocate for black emancipation, the end of American slavery, and improved living conditions among people of color in southern and northern communities. Utilizing examples from David Walkeras Appeal and other primary sources in the assigned readings for this class, please write an essay that discusses how religious ideas and movements shaped the experiences of African Americans between 1770 and 1831. In what ways was religious thought used to defend black citizens and to critique the moral shortcomings of a nation that struggled to reconcile liberty and human bondage?

References from primary source readings that could be useful, these are just a few:
Benjamin Banneker, Slave petitions, Absalom Jones, Richard Allen, Maria Stewart, or A Black Feminist Speaks. (You must cite these as well, if there is no name attached short hand the title and provide a page number)